Salem Fair
Salem Fair
July 1 - July 12
Salem,  VA

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The Salem Fair is located at 1001 Roanoke Boulevard in Salem, VA

Rides & Attractions

Alpine Fun Housefamily36" with adult; 42" Alone
Americana Carouselfamilyunder 42" with adult
Banana Jetkid24" with adult; 36 alone
Century Wheelfamily42" or more unless accompanied by an adult
Cliff Hangerthrill46" or more
Crazy Busfamily24" with adult; 36" alone
Crazy Chopperfamily24" with adult; 36" alone
Elephantskid24" with adult; 36" alone
Enterprisespectacular54" to ride
Farm Tractorskid36" Alone; Max Height 48"
Fire Ballthrill52" or taller
Giant Wheelspectacular42" or more unless accompanied by an adult
Hang 10spectacular42" with adult; 48" alone
Happy Swingkid36" to ride
Haunted Mansionthrill36" or more
Himalayafamily36" with adult; 42" alone
Jump Aroundkid32" with adult; 36" Alone
Monkey Mazefamily36" with adult; 42" alone
Musik Expressthrill42" with adult; 48" alone
Orient Expresskid42" with adult; 48" alone
Pirate Islandkid36" with adult; 42" alone
Quad Runnerskid36" Alone; Max Height 48"
Riptidespectacular48" or taller
Scooterfamily48" or more to drive; 42" to ride
Speedwaykid36" Alone; Max Height 48"
Spin the Applekid24" with adult; 36" Alone
Starship 4000thrill42" or taller
Super Novaspectacular58" or taller
Super Shotspectacular48" to ride
Super Slidefamily24" with adult; 36" alone
Tea Cupskid24" with adult; 36" Alone
Tilt-A-Whirlfamily36" with adult; 46" alone
Tornadofamily40" or taller
Typhoonspectacular48" to ride
Vertigospectacular48" to ride
Yo Yothrill42" to ride
Zero Gravitythrill42" or more
Zipperthrill48" or more

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